Heritage Structures FAQ's

Shed & Portable Building Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do before my shed or portable building delivery?

Remove all barriers from the area that you want your portable building located. This includes fences, low limbs, stumps, mud, and utility wires less than 13′ off the ground. You’ll need a clear access path ready for our shed delivery equipment, prior to our arrival. If this is not possible, you should request to have Heritage Structures build a shed on site.

Check your local building codes as to requirements and constraints. Smaller shed or portable building sizes in some townships in New York don’t require permits, but you may need to move your portable building if you’re too close to a property line, for example. Check out any zoning and permit issues and then mark exactly where the building is going with 5 marker flags. (4 corners and 1 door location)

Here at Heritage Structures, we offer free site checking to assist you on your shed purchase. Or if you’d like, you can also email a photo of the site to sales@heritagestructures.online. and we would be happy to review that immediately.

What if I can't get a truck and trailer in my yard to deliver a portable building?

Our shed haulers (delivery crew) carry a unique piece of equipment, called a Mule, on their trucks. No, this is not a type of animal! In fact, the Mule is a maneuverable forklift-like device to help get your new storage building or shed into tight spots that a truck may not be able to go. With varying geography of New York, this is a must, The Mule also easier on your yard than a truck, trailer and other methods when it comes to ruts, etc. With a Mule, the driver can unload your portable building shed in the street or driveway. Two wheels are placed under one end of the portable building. The Mule supports the other end of the shed allowing the driver to maneuver your portable building to exactly where you want it in your yard, or parking lot.

Do I need to be at home for delivery of my shed or portable building?

If the site is properly flagged, you do not need to be present; although, if you are not home we do require it to be prepaid prior to delivery. Why not be present to watch the show! Seeing a mule in action is a fun thing indeed. If you are not there during delivery, simply drop off the shed payment to your salesperson ahead of time. We will sign your delivery confirmation for you as a convenience and leave you a copy inside the shed following delivery of your portable building.

How long does delivering my shed take?

Heritage Structures shed and portable building delivery crew can typically deliver a portable building in an hour or less; although if you’ve ordered our leveling service, it can take longer. Sheds and portable buildings that are built on site typically take an entire day to complete.

How long does it take to build a shed or portable building in New York?

Most custom-ordered sheds and portable buildings will be delivered within 4 weeks from the time they were ordered. In-stock sheds will be delivered within 2 weeks of purchase.


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