Heritage Structures RTO Plans

Rent to Own From Heritage Structures

Heritage Structures Rent to Own Plan

Shed & Structure Payment Plans that Work for Your Budget

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  • Pay off quickly
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  • Great middle ground option
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  • Manageable payments
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  • Low Monthly Payment
  • RTO (Rent To Own) Benefits

    The Best of Both Worlds

    Get the advantages of renting – not having to pay for your shed and structure outright and the responsibility of ongoing maintenance – while having the peace of mind that your money is going toward something you will own.  Your very own Shed!

    Many of our customers prefer renting to own a shed over renting a traditional storage unit. You get comparable rates per square foot by choosing a shed portable building with the added convenience of it being in your own backyard.  Best yet, you’ll eventually own your own shed as compared to renting a storage unit and having nothing to show from it.

    Heritage Structure’s Rent to Own program allows you to avoid credit checks typically required for a traditional loan. With our RTO program, there are no early payoff fees giving you the option to pay off sooner.

    A 3% charge applies to credit card sales. All prices are subject to sales tax.


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