Tan new england dutch barn with brown door and metal roof

Portable Structures Near Medina NY

You have come to realize that you just have too much stuff in the garage. You can either get rid of it, or buy a Portable Shed from Heritage Structures. That sounds like a better solution.

Choosing the Right Size Portable Shed

When the time comes to purchase your portable Heritage Structures size is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. The answer to how “big” or how “small” isn’t an easy answer. Not only do you have to decide the width and the length but you need to decide on height. Oh boy I bet you didn’t think of that one.

We here at Heritage Structures will help you figure that all out. It will be an easy process. You will have to decide what you are going to use your structure for, and what are you going to put in it? This way we will be able to help you choose the right size. As always if you go to small, you are going to run out of room, then what? Can you add on, or get a bigger one? So it is better to always ask for help in choosing your size.

10 Reasons to Buy a Shed

Reason #1

Extra living space! You have stuff in the garage, basement, and the attic. Because you are out of room in your garage, your lawn mower sits outside with a tarp over it. Your wife has been telling you that the mower needs a new home, because she doesn’t like looking at the covered up lawn mower. Plus she just can’t fit her car in the garage anymore.

Garage full of storage aligning the walls

Reason #2

Knowing where everything is! Once you can have everything in one spot, it is much easier to keep track of. Like when you are looking for your Christmas lights, and last year you thought you had them in the attic, nope you couldn’t find them. Then you go into the garage and you finally found them after climbing over boxes, in the garage.

Reason #3

Easy Access! When you have a Heritage Structure, and you have everything neatly placed inside you will know where you put the beach chairs from last summer, along with all of the beach items. Isn’t it nice knowing where everything is?

Reason #4

A place to hide the Less Attractive Items! You know that one ugly metal chair that you picked up from a yard sale? The one you just had to have, because you were going to refinish it, and use it outside in the evenings? But you just left it outside by the lawn mower. Now you will be able to put these items in your Heritage Structure.

Rake, shovel, and garden tool laying in grass
Assortment of garden tools leaning against wheel barrel in backyard

Reason #5

Protection from the Weather! You will be able to put all of your outdoor furniture away and out of the weather for the winter months. Your outdoor furniture will last longer since it is being stored inside.

Reason #6

Creating a Work space! You know that work space you have always been wanting. What is stopping you? The work bench that has been sitting in the garage that you can never get to because of all the clutter. Well if you design your Heritage Structure, they will be able to put in shelves for you. You could add windows to let the light in. So many possibilities.

Work bench with tool hung on wall

Reason #7

Keep your belongings Safe & Protected! When you don’t have room for all the kids stuff in the garage anymore, and they start leaving bicycles outside, you don’t want anyone to take them. So by getting a storage shed from Heritage Structures, you will be able to put those bicycles away at night and lock your shed up.

Reason #8

Unleash Your Creativity! The beauty of a Heritage Structure is that it can be transformed into anything from a knitting studio, a photography studio, or just an office space for your home office. Let yourself get creative and turn this portable structure into whatever you want!

Potter shaping clay pottery vessel

Reason #9

Choosing What You Want! Let’s face it, if you go to a box store and get a shed, do you know how it was built? Is it a quality shed? Did they use quality material? These are a lot of questions. Here at Heritage Structure we can assure you that we use quality material to build our structures.

Reason #10

Increase Home Value! It’s true! Adding an attractive Heritage Structure to your property, will add value to your home. When you decide to move from you home, your structure will add value to your home, and make it more desirable to a future buyer.

Tan cape cod cottage with porch
Tan new england dutch barn with brown door and metal roof

Why Choose Heritage Structures?

The Heritage Difference

  • Life Time Warranty
  • Timely Delivery (no long waits)
  • One Stop Shop (we do site preparation)
  • Industry Leading, Proven Materials
  • Unique Design Advantages
  • Builder-Direct Prices, Locally Built
  • Easiest Rent-to-Own that you’ll find anywhere!

Tech Shield a Great New Innovation for your Portable Structure!

Lp techshield radiant barrier sheathing information image

Tech Shield Walls, Brighter, Cleaner, Smarter Silver Tech

Panel siding with SilverTech feature all of the benefits of LP Smartside Panel Siding, plus a radiant barrier for a finished look that resists flaking and peeling. These panels also help reduce the sun’s radiant energy through the panels. It’s an ideal choice for sheds and workshops to help keep stored items cooler, and it will brighten up the interior.

This also has a treated engineered wood technology for a long lasting performance in tough climates. Smart guard treatment for protection against rot & termites. This does provide 5-year 100% labor and replacement feature. TechShield is the better alternative to plywood! It won’t mold or yellow.

In Conclusion

We here at Heritage Structures, construction is an art, and we have a passion for our business. We love to build buildings and we try to develop that passion in everything we do. Our strong enthusiasm for our line of work gives us an advantage over our competitors. Come and check out our Shed Designer and have fun designing your own.

Thanks for getting to the end, I hope you enjoyed the read.